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Cooperation (in the field of electric vehicles)
Franchise cooperation (in the field of electric vehicles)
Acknowledge the future prospects of the lithium battery industry and have a strong interest in the lithium battery industry;
Have a certain degree of business experience (experience in the battery industry and electric vehicle industry is preferred), have a strong entrepreneurial passion, professionalism, this sense of responsibility and the desire to pursue success
Recognize the corporate culture of Highstar Lithium, and recognize Highstar business philosophy and marketing model, including: brand, products, management, service, image, etc.
Have the corresponding financial strength and team ability, and have a business place with legal procedures;
Able to accept the unified management of the Highstar franchise system and consciously maintain the brand image of Highstar
Detailed process of Highstar investment promotion
Dealer consultation
Confirm the cooperation intention and fill in the "Dealer Account Opening Application"
Appraisal of "Highstar lithium battery after-sales service agreement"
The first batch of singles
Implementation plan
Come to the factory for inspection and negotiation
Appraisal of "Highstar Lithium Battery Distribution Agreement"
Dealer account
Start joining agent
Started sales of Highstar lithium battery products
Sales network
Highstar Lithium Battery Sales Network
Highstar is committed to becoming a world-class new energy industry group, providing high-quality products and services to customers around the world!
Highstar, charging your business and cooperating with customers for a win-win situation is the eternal pursuit of Highstar!
Highstar invites you to join in the grand event, work together to create a better future!

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