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Talent welfare
  • Talent development
    Induction training→rotation practice→general management training→mentor system training→career development
    Development path
    Management channel: administrator → supervisor → senior supervisor → middle management
    Technical channel: technician → assistant engineer → engineer → senior engineer → expert senior engineer
  • Company benefits
    [Talent subsidy] RMB800/month for undergraduates, RMB1500/month for undergraduates in double first-class universities, and RMB2500/month for masters.
    [Housing subsidies] Double first-class universities RMB50,000 undergraduates and RMB 200,000 masters.
    [Social Insurance] The company pays five social insurances and one housing fund for employees.
    [Life Guarantee] The company provides employees with dormitory (bedding and electricity bills are self-care), working meals, full wireless network coverage in the dormitory area, including a library, a ping-pong room, and a TV room.
    [Encourage advanced] The company provides reasonable promotion space for each employee, selects outstanding employees every year, and organizes outings.
    [Holiday distribution] The company distributes holiday benefits every year and holidays, and statutory holidays are normal.
Recruitment center
  • Social Recruitment
  • Campus Recruitment
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