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New Product Advantage

Longer service life

Highstar ultra-durable Lithium battery is equipped with electric bicycles, which can run more than 10 kilometers more than traditional batteries, and has a greater advantage in mileage

More miles

Compared with the traditional battery, highstar ultra durable lithium battery can run more than 10 kilometers, which has a great advantage in mileage

More anti-low temperature

Highstar ultra-durable Lithium battery is "more cold-resistant", can wake up the battery energy in the -40 degrees Celsius extreme cold area, maintain sufficient long-lasting power, and have a super life of 2000 cycles, and it is also worry-free in high-cold areas

More anti-high temperature

Highstar ultra-durable lithium battery is more resistant to high temperatures, and can work normally in an extremely high temperature environment of 60 degrees Celsius. It has higher safety, and let you not afraid travel in the sun.

Cell safety: single cell

Highstar Lithium battery more reliable, safe and guaranteed

  • Two safety materials

    Safer cathode material, separator with better thermal closure performance

  • Quadruple safety structure

    Flat-rolled safety structure, flame-retardant tape wraps the tabs of cathode and anode electrodes, installs a safety fixing frame between the battery cover, pre-installed safety cover and explosion-proof valve.

  • Six safety controls

    Six safety controls such as moisture, particle, burrs, magnetic substances, winding alignment, and shell inspection.

  • Eight safety test

    Eight safety tests of overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, mechanical shock, vibration, high and low temperature, drop, and water immersion

Cell safety: prismatic flat rolled Jelly roll

Highstar Lithium battery more reliable, safe and guaranteed

  • Cover board

    It has a new type of cover board independently researched and developed, and is formed by laser welding, it is simple, safe and reliable

  • Aluminum case

    The prismatic aluminum case is stamped and formed with high strength to prevent external impact from affecting the internal battery core, which is safe and reliable

  • Material

    Strictly review material suppliers and raw materials to ensure battery safety from the source

  • Jelly roll

    Reliable flat rolling multiple tab technology, safe, reliable, good consistency

  • Safety vent

    The safety valve is designed to release the voltage when the battery is abnormal to prevent accidents due to excessive internal pressure

Automatic monitor

Highstar Lithium battery more reliable, safe and guaranteed

Scientific 3+1 dual security design

Scientifically combined active/passive dual safety protection design to improve battery system safety performance

First active safety protection design

Proprietary software and hardware dual protection circuits, realizing accurate estimation of the state of charge (SOC) of the battery pack, battery dynamic monitoring, and battery balance management

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